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     return 0;     return 0;
 } }
-</​code ​c>+</​code>​ 
 +Now you can change some project settings. Select '​Project'​ --> '​Project Options':​ 
 +  * In the '​Compiler'​ tab, '​Optimizations'​ change '​Maximize speed' to '​None'​. The Pelles C optimizer has some errors. This is not helpfull to beginners. So we don't use them. 
 +  * To use the debugger to step through your code, select 'Debug information'​ --> '​Full'​ in the '​Compiler'​ tab and 'Debug information'​ --> '​CodeView COFF format'​ in the '​Linker'​ tab. 
 +  * Click '​ok'​ to leave the '​Project Options'​ dialog. 
 +Now you can use '​Project'​ --> '​Build'​ (or '​Rebuild'​) to compile your project. 
 +Then it is possible to use '​Project'​ --> '​Execute'​ to run '​test.exe'​ or to use '​Project'​ --> '​Debug'​ to start the debugger. 
 +That's it! 
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