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Installation of Pelles C

This article describes the requirements and the installation of Pelles C. It's planned for absolute beginners, which want to start their C-development career with Pelles C.


If you want to install Pelles C, you need a PC running Microsoft™ Windows™. If you have a 64-bit Windows operating system, e.g. Windows-XP 64 bit or Vista 64 bit, you should also use the 64 bit version of Pelles C.

Your computer should be able to work with your operating system fast enough, than it should be enough for Pelles C. An absolute minimum is 64 MB for the old 32 bit computers if you compile a medium sized project. But it is here like everything in life: more is better.

You need at least 40 MB of disc space for the 32 bit version and 50 MB for the 64 bit version. You need about 10 MB more if you install all features. The browse database needs approximately 50 MB.

If you have Windows 95, 98 or ME you have to use Pelles C 4.50. 
Pelles C 5.00 and higher works only with Windows 2000 or later!
But you are able to develop with Version 5.00 programs for Windows 9x.

Here are the needed files:


I will describe the installation of Pelles C with help of the version 6.00 (64 bit). Other installation routines are similar.

First of all, you have to start the setup routine, setup.exe for 32 bit and setup64.exe for 64 bit.

The first step is the License agreement. Read the agreement carefully and mark “I accept the terms in the license agreement”.

Next you will get some informations about Pelles C. Read them also and go to the next step.

On the next screen you can choose the needed components. If you want to devlop applications for Windows Mobile you have to check Windows Mobile development. On this screen you can also select other languages than english. At the moment (August 2009) swedish and german is available, for the version 4.50 also french.

Now the setup program asks for the location, where Pelles C will be installed. Choose the folder and press Install > to start the installation.

First start

At the first start, Pelles C asks you to build the system definitions database, which is used for code completion. Press build to create this database. Only with the database, you can use the code completion feature!

Now you are ready to work with Pelles C. Congratulations! 8-)

Additional steps

If you want to develop Add-Ins you also need the Add-In SDK. Here are the file locations:

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