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Pelles C portable

Here you can find instructions, how to prepare a portable version of Pelles C:

Last Version tested: Pelles C 8RC4

  • Download setup.exe and setupsdk.exe
  • Install both at the location you want (your pendrive, for example). I will refer to this location as %PROGRAMFILES%.
  • Copy the following batch-file (PellesC.cmd) to %PROGRAMFILES%\PellesC
@echo off
subst x: %~d0\
bin\poide.exe /xml pellesc.xml %*
subst x: /D
  • Run PellesC.cmd and create Database
  • Copy %APPDATA%\PellesC\sysdefs.tag and %APPDATA%\PellesC\snippets.db to %PROGRAMFILES%\PellesC\bin
  • Create a directory %PROGRAMFILES%\PellesC\Usr\Bin (for your tools and dlls)
  • Create a directory %PROGRAMFILES%\PellesC\Usr\Include (for your include files)
  • Create a directory %PROGRAMFILES%\PellesC\Usr\Lib (your libraries)
  • Create a directory %PROGRAMFILES%\PellesC\Usr\Hlp (your help files)
  • Copy your tools, include files, libraries and help files to the appropriate directory and install them if necessary
  • Edit %PROGRAMFILES%\PellesC\PellesC.xml. You have to adapt the drive and the path of your Pelles C installation. The drive should be 'X:' If you have for example installed Pelles C to H:\PellesC you should change all occurences of %PROGRAMFILES%\PellesC to X:\PellesC
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